Quinta do Nenufar

Our studfarm – formerly situated in Holland – moved in 2003 from Holland to Portugal. Mares, foals and youngsters are staying on our yard which exists of 120 hectares, where they live and grow in herds in their natural surroundings. Human interference is reduced to a minimum and therefore the specific characteristics of the baroque horse – eagerness to work, courage and beauty – are preserved.


Our studfarm is build around our stallion Nenufar, (unfortunately passed away) winner of the Gold Medal at the Lisbon Lusitano Fair in 1997, when he was 3 years old. Nenufar was bred by Filipe Graciosa. We are now continuing our breeding program with 4 of his daughters to preserve his excellent caracteristics.


We try to keep to a very simple filosofie. Horse riding is a hobby and you have a hobby to enjoy. So your horse has to offer you this. After many experiences we finally found this kind of horse, the Lusitano, a breed that could offer us this: Pleasure and joy in riding and keeping a horse, as well as for pleasure as for sports. After we moved to Portugal in 2003 we had the possibility to experiment more with breeding which eventually led to the type of horse we breed nowadays, a Baroque Sportshorse with good gaits and a super caracter